Opera Triptychon: One woman quarantine´s Story

Multimedia Poem for screen & Soprano (2020-23)
Duration: 30 min.

A multimedia poem narrated in four wonderful operatic arias. A woman under quarantine reflects on her relationship to different kinds of gender-based violence and the Women’s Movement. It is an journey into inner isolation.

The performance is focused on de-romanticizing violence against women, which played a major role in society then and now. A lively examination of opera becomes palpable and allows us to understand why operas remain topical and can also be seen from new perspectives,  through the interdisciplinary dialogue of different arts.

In the frame of the 16 Days of Activism against Girls & Women*, we have been presenting our multimedia poem for Screen & Soprano, Opera Triptychon, in various locations since 2020:
2020: WUK. Vienna
2021:Teatro Gral San Martin/Buenos Aires – ARG (on the video)
2022 : TACEC Teatro Argentino de La Plata /ARG
2023: Das LOT /Vienna

Download the Programm for the Show at Projektraum -WUK in Wien here!


With original music by Mozart, Puccini and Verdi, digital animation and video art by Leonardo Pantuso, 3D stage design by Dasein Team Design and choreography by Gisela Elisa Heredia for the premiere in Buenos Aires the directing team has been joined by Eleonora Di Bello, and currently in Vienna with Nais Leal Ojeda as Regie Consultant; under the artistic direction of Natalia Hurst.

“Opera Triptychon

The Talk (Optional)

Following the performance: add your voice to the journey. Exchange with audience and artists.

* IDEAL SETTING: To enjoy an evening performance from “Opera Triptychon: A quarantine Story” an important screen is needed as well as good sound and lighting equipment. Its multidisciplinary character makes it suitable for many different open air, cinema, music or theater festivals, as also alternative performance spaces with technical capacities.

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