Tangofieber. Underworld songs

The beginning of the 20th century: the Metropolis, immigration, the search for freedom and the stubborn hope for a better future in a sordid and desolate present; all the paths that lead to tango cross there. This has been deciphered – also – by composers of origins far away from the Rio de la Plata, geographically and musically.

In the skin of “Eva Encanto” – a café concert singer from the 1930s – and in the hands of maestro Mariano Manzanelli at the piano, we will go through the chamber repertoire that pays homage to tango, as well as Rio de la Plata tangos and others that were the soundtrack of films on one side of the ocean and the other. Nowadays presenting at Volkstheater Rote Bar in Vienna, where the company has been enriched by wonderful Pianist Pablo Rojas and Star Guest Martin Thoma, Singer & Comedian.

While she tells us “the tangos of her life”, the audience will find their own traces and secrets in the world of the 2×4.

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* IDEAL SETTING: “Tangofieber/Underworld Songs” is an undercover chamber music concert in a cabaret set, where Art Song will be played in Tango key and Tango with Art Song taste too. Perfect atmosphere for our underworld-virtuosi are “Moulin Rouge like” environments, or those places where decadent ghosts still hide. A good piano and sound Technic are in any case necessary!

In Programm: From Ángel Villoldo to Leonard Bernstein, Samuel Barber, Ástor Piazzolla, Kurt Weill, Rosita Melo and other surprises.


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