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“This time, the young diva takes the singing-amazons from her native Argentina on board, on an intercultural and musical odyssey, from Buenos Aires to Vienna, Charming tangos, viennese flair and brightly coloraturas are guaranteed“ – About Encanto on board.

Esther Hecht, The Standard

PH-By Vanja Pandurevic .

“Music and Words against genre violence” 2022.11.25 Infobae

The soprano, who has been living in Vienna, the nerve center of world opera for the past twenty years, will perform scenes from Mme. Butterfly, Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute and Othello, in a multimedia performance that introduces notions such as femicide, gaslighting or psychological violence, teenage pregnancy and the ravages of colonialism.

“Natalia Hurst and opera world´s women” 2023.01.11. Página 12. Silvina Friera

Opera and literature face political correctness and the fear of cancellation. “The risk is that in the face of the cancellation of what today we do not want to assume as part of our culture we are left with a nonsense or a deliberate lie and from there we cannot understand or modify anything. It would be like creating historical fake news. That where there are traces that lead somewhere, we lose the trail left by an author; we distort a mirror because we don’t like to look at ourselves in it,” Hurst says.

“The argentine soprano who took her voice and her feminist struggle to Vienna” TELAM Agency 2023.01.10 by Eva Maraboto

The soprano emphasizes that opera was the place where women could shine and where they found a space of social prestige and points out that “there was always a seed of rebellion in the gender”and that certain texts that are labeled as sexist were perhaps not read as denunciations.