Pane quotidiano, Amore Veneziano

Street Opera Show
Duration: 50 Min. 

In an entertaining way, half-scenic and with the help of the wonderful music by Hugo Wolf, Reynaldo Hahn, Claudio Monteverdi, Gioacchino Rossini, et alii, we present a cheerful mini-homage to the home of Belcanto. With songs, arie antiche and duets from baroque to neo-classical for two female voices and piano, which in its format ties in with the Italian street theatre tradition of the Commedia dell’arte.

-A tribute to all power-women who have mastered the Spagat-Life between being a (Italian) “Mamma”, a friend and a seductive lover for centuries, deserving every recognition for it, but who nevertheless do not want to be reduced  to such clichés in the future!-

„Pane Quotidiano, Amore veneziano“, created by Natalia Hurst and Marika Rainer, with Anastasia Noya´s musical direction and Piano accompagnement, was premiered at the Viennese Summer Festival 2020 and also staged at the Maria Treu Piazza at the 9th District in Vienna.

*IDEAL SETTING For “Pane Quotidiano. Amore Veneziano“ are open air festivals, street celebrations in squares or parks, the best scenario. By mixing street theater with chamber music, spiced with Commediadell ́Arte spirit, we pursue to introduce these little repertoire jewels to a diverse public, that maybe hear it for the first time, and to give a new perspective for the ones who are already familiar with it.

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