Las Furias: A Resistance`s Musical Cartography

Feminist Latinamerican songs (2020-21)
Duration: 50 min.

As a result of their interest about women´s rights, the singers Gabriela Dossow (Chile) and Natalia Hurst (Argentina) unite their enchanting voices in Vienna to celebrate the feminist Latin American song with old and modern melodies from Maria Elena Walsh to Yorka and Vivir Quintana. A Resistance´s musical map, accompanied  with the artistry of Maestro Sebastián Schiaraffia´s Guitar.

Their flaming appearances have been celebrated already at “Body s in Dialogue” Theater Festival in WUK, XXI Flanerie Festival, Klima Camp and at the Vienna Summer Culture Festival 2021 as a part of “Hundekatzen und Stahlkäffer. Ein Zapatistisches Bestiarium”, a tribute to SubComandante Marcos ´s texts, by Tom Weibel, together with actor Sebastian Pass and songwriter Sir Tralalá on stage.

IDEAL SETTING: As an acoustic vocals and guitar Trio,  “Las Furias” recitals are adaptable to any kind of space and situation with good sound equipment and a vibrant, engaged public.

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