One Woman Cabaret: Love & Hate Songs

Such a sexy programm, we don’t know if to announce it, or to denounce it! 
Duration: 50 Min.

A hilarious no-go love story,  illustrated through greatest boleros, tangos and viennese songs from always, as you never had heard them before.  A funny trip through our romantic beliefs and clichés, to be disarmed by  Mrs. Encanto´s irresistible voice and the magic hands from Maestro Anton Ziegler at the piano.

In her current one-woman cabaret, Natalia reflects on the pros and cons of romantic love impersonated as Eva Encanto,  a character which she already performed at the Carnevale di Venezia on the Piazza San Marco and many other international festivals, such as Ljubljana Tango Festival, Festival Internacional de Tango de Buenos Aires and München International Tango Festival.

*IDEAL SETTING For this sweet sour and emotional evening, a stage with a piano is needed, suiting perfectly also at Café Concerts with small stages. Eva Encanto´s Tango-Comique presence has been also welcomed in shorter appearances to  different venues such as International Conferences,  Street Festivals and Wedding Parties.

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Eva Encanto at the Piazza San Marco, Carnevale di Venezia

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